Our first Friend of the Send – Fernweh

Our first Friend of the Send – Fernweh

After The Send now has friends.

Everyone needs them and we’re no exception so we’ve set about growing our family and finding friends who share our outlook.

Fernweh will be the first to join our Friends of the Send where we will show you our favourite little climbing brands. And, as a result of our new found friendship, we are very happy to offer you a whopping 20% discount off Fernweh chalk bags, clothing and accessories.

Fernweh was set up last July by Aberdeen based fashion designer and climber Laura and by December she had gone full time. Laura says she started Fernweh because she was unable to find a chalk bag which matched her personal style “as a lot of them have a very distinct ‘sporty’ look to them”.

So she merged her two passions to make a distinctive range of classic and rugged looking chalk bags, hats and t-shirts.

She says: “I love the outdoors and my products are inspired by that sense of adventure and travel, using fabrics which are typically used in traditional outdoor wear such as waxed cotton.

“I hand make everything to order here in my small studio and have already sold chalk bags to several areas in America and Australia!”

So she is doing pretty well so far and we are really glad she is taken it upon herself to make and design these bags, as it was just what we were looking for.

I was scrolling through Instagram looking for a new chalk bag from an independent company because I didn’t want a chalk bag everyone else has. I’m sure you have been to a climbing gym and got confused because there are three of the same chalk bags on the floor and you’re unsure which one is yours?

The quality of the bag is great, the materials Fernweh use feel like they will last a lifetime and the styling will never grow old.

I really like my chalk bag and can’t wait to see how this brand grows.

So the most likely reason you have read this is for the discount code: AFTERTHESEND20.

The code only works in Fernweh’s Etsy store, so follow this link to see all her great gear… Fernweh.

In return for us bringing you this discount, we’d love it if you could share After The Send and Fernweh on facebook using these links…

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…and of course spread the word about the great gear you get from Fernweh.

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