Friday night video – Neil Gresham’s DWS

Friday night video – Neil Gresham’s DWS

Towards the end of last year a few After The Senders caught a leg of the BMC’s Autumn Lecture Series at Calshot near Southampton.

We heard talks from legendary British mountaineer Kenton Cool and another legend Neil Gresham. During Neil’s talk he spoke about an upcoming series he was having out on Epic TV about DWS (deep water solo climbing) around the world.

Now, cooped up in the house with a broken ankle set in plaster cast, in my hour of need, i remembered this and googled it.

Seems it came out a few weeks ago and is already two episodes in!

The first, though, features beautiful Dorset, our home county and base of operations and one of the classic DWS routes in Britain, Freeborn Man. Also featured is Stair Hole near Lulworth Cove, a bit of an idyllic spot in the summer and home to a lot of DWS.

Click the link below to watch. Enjoy!

Neil Gresham – DWS

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