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Friends of the Send is a way we can tell you about companies which scream ‘CLIMBING’ with quality and passion. Today we are adding the amazing ‘The Orange House’ after we stayed at the hostel for our recent trip to Costa Blanca.

Morning: you wake up on your comfy bed, you reach into your ample storage, you grab a fresh pair of clothes ready to get covered in chalk and you head down for breakfast. On the way down to the kitchen your psych slowly builds as you pass the climbing books at the top of the stairs, the sending pictures on the walls, the signed photos above the tables and you’re ready to perk up with your coffee, a bowl of cereal and a banana. Your eyes are now taking in the glorious sunshine which is coming through every window and you think to yourself ‘I’m going to have breakfast outside’. You walk outside to take a seat on the patio between the swimming pool and the ping pong table. As you slowly lean back in your chair you look up at Puig Campana- BING! BING! BING! You have reached full psych, let’s go climbing! This was every morning for us- followed with maybe a little slackline or a stroke of the beautiful dogs that live there.

Puig Campana from The Orange House
Puig Campana from The Orange House

The Orange House is owned by Sam and Rich Mayfield. Rich has been around the climbing scene for a long time and you can even see him in James Pearson’s ‘The Walk of Life’ E12 video. He has also put up a countless number of routes around Costa Blanca in his last 9 years of owning the hostel. It is a very well equipped place to stay with a massive kitchen, pool, free WIFI, bouldering cave, TV lounge, BBQ area and an ‘Honesty Bar’. Also, with Rich’s local knowledge and experience in all things climbing you can join him on introductions to both sport and trad, master classes or even get him to guide you around all the local crags.

The location couldn’t be any better! It is only 10 minutes outside of Benidorm and its closest crag, Sella, is only 20 minutes away. You can reach every crag in the Rockfax guide within 1 and ½ hours-north or south.

We loved staying there! It was my first time, but Pymn, Alex and Tom had been there before and there was no thought of going anywhere else. I will return for sure!

Read more about our trip here.

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