Looking for a new rope?

Looking for a new rope?

Bluewater Lightning Pro:

Looking for a new rope? Well, I recently got my hands on a Bluewater Lightning Pro from Holdbreaker. The rope is a 9.7mm double-dry (meaning that it is protected from water and dirt).

Pymn storming up Tufa Groove.

Pymn storming up Tufa Groove.

I was looking for a rope I could use for both projecting routes for a long period of time and quick sends. The 9.7 works perfectly for that. The After The Send ‘team’ have had a lot of different ropes in the past from hand me downs- which preform like chains- to the super light weight Sterling Fusion Nano which feels like you’re clipping a shoe string. This rope, for me, is the perfect size and weight for all my sport climbing needs. It feels safe to take some falls on but is light enough to take up with you when you send your hardest project.

Buying a rope I knew I wanted it to last. The double-dry element means you can take it out on a day when the weather is looking uncertain and also to those dusty crags in the baron deserts of Spain. I have had the rope for over 2 months and have climbed in baron Spain and wet Portland 3 times a week and it still looks and feels great!

Tom lowering off 'Tufa Groove'

Tom lowering off ‘Tufa Groove’

A nice feature on the Lightning Pro is its change of pattern. Instead of trying to see that faint black mark which has disappeared with age as your middle marker, you see a full change of pattern. One end of the rope is more of a fluorescent yellow with black dots and half way down the pattern changes to a criss-cross which is super handy if belaying on a long route or just tidying up at the end of a climb. The Lightning Pro has got everything I was looking for in rope and is well worth getting.


Bluewater Ropes are an American climbing company who started making caving ropes in 1969. Since then, they have made the first American-made dynamic rope and have sponsored massive names like Conrad Anker, Cedar Wright, Sierra Blair-Coyle, Renan Ozturk and tons more!


Thank you so much to the guys at Holdbreaker, check out their website for more great gear.


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