Constant Climbing

Constant Climbing

As you know, we like our independent climbing brands and through Friends of the Send we like to share them with you. So we would like to introduce: Constant Climbing.

I first heard of Constant Climbing when Emmie bought me a t-shirt and beanie of theirs for Christmas. The t-shirt is a mixture of a photo and some geometric illustrations of Bas Cuvier, Fontainebleau. The art really grabbed me as I could only find t-shirts with cheesy climbing jokes or a brand’s names plastered over it. When buying a t-shirt I can’t help but think ‘Is that a lot of money for just a shirt with ‘ENTER BRAND NAME HERE’ written on it?’ With the Constant Climbing gear, I have come away with an awesome illustration/photo which is heavily inspired by climbing. A nice extra ‘climbers touch’ is the length of prusik rope running along the back of the shirt. Plus the beanie is a nice, soft knit and is guaranteed to make you boulder at least half a grade higher- but only if you take the t-shirt off!
So, all in all, their gear is super comfy, hard wearing and looks great. Now to introduce them to the team…

Sam wearing his 'Bas' Constant Climbing Tee.

Sam wearing his ‘Bas’ Constant Climbing Tee.

What’s your name and how long have you been climbing?

I’m Marine, 28 and I started climbing 19 years ago, with a (too) long 10 year gap in between.

Jez is 30 and started when he was a student and has been climbing for about 10 years.

How long has Constant Climbing been around?

We launched our brand and online shop in April 2015. I do the design, illustration, marketing and Jez is the PR and businessy guy in general.

Where is your favourite place to climb?

I would have to say that my favourite place to climb is around Chamonix- I grew up in this area and so a lot of my fond memories of getting into climbing are, for me, synonymous with this region. Plus the views are pretty awesome. Jez is just a bit of a climbing all rounder so depending on his mood you will get a different answer but these will include Font, Chamonix, Swanage, the Lakes, Portland and general a bit of a plastic lover too (- check out our video

What’s the plan?

Constant Climbing has been developing this first year – we’ve introduced new products and are pushing the illustration side of things as this seems to be what people are liking. We’ve got our products distributed in shops recently – Banana Fingers, Joe Brown and The Climbers Shop. We’ve also been collaborating with University climbing clubs and have designed t-shirt prints for Cambridge and Bath (more to come next autumn).

We’re planning on introducing new products for next summer, taking into account what we’ve learnt from this year, and still as eco-friendly and ethical as possible.

The big picture is to see our range of products grow, as well as bring further community to climbing. Through our company, we want to play our little part in making a positive change in the world – for the planet, its people and the climbing community.

Welcome to Friends of the Send, Constant Climbing!
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