3rd Rock

3rd Rock

For a while now, we here at After the Send have been big fans of 3rd Rock clothing. We first discovered them a few years ago and our obsession has grown from there, infecting the rest of the After the Send crew.
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Pymn wearing his ZOOM hoody

Sam wearing his Cliff Tee

The 3rd Rock message is ‘our planet, our playground’; meaning they combine their love of all outdoor pursuits with their love of the planet by creating ‘eco-activewear’. Using organic, upcycled, recycled and planet-friendly materials and inks they create some mighty funky designs. Not only is the clothing flattering and guaranteed to stand out at the crag, but it is also incredibly comfortable and durable. Jessica Mor, half of the founding team, is a certified fashion designer and pattern cutter. Understanding design and being a climber herself, her designs take into consideration all of the potential shapes you may throw as a climber/yogi/adventurer. A favourite of ours, the unisex Zoom Hoody possesses an ‘Arms Up Cut’ allowing for extra movement in well, the arms up position. Great for belaying or keeping you warm on those reachy routes in winter. Another favourite is the Aurora3 sports bra- an excellent example of durability and peak performance meeting flattery and funky designs. You can live in these sports bras (Emmie actually does). 

Being ambassadors for our planet (the 3rd Rock…), these guys hold an ‘Earth Collection’ which promotes sustainability and protection of our planet and our people. £1 from every purchase in the ‘Earth Collection’ is donated to organisations such as ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’, a charity for the preservation of orangutans and the stopping of Palm Oil usage and ‘Save the Bees’, a campaign to save the honeybee. Not only can you feel great about purchasing organic, recycled clothing but your purchase is making a difference!

For our trip to Spain at the beginning of the year, you may remember we were kindly sponsored by Jessica and Guy and we are super excited to say that we have extended our deal with 3rd Rock. Welcome, 3rd Rock, our newest Friend of the Send! Make sure to give them a LIKE and a follow on Facebook and Instagram (@3rdrocking) and keep an eye on @After_the_Send Facebook and Instagram for weekly updates on our local, 3rd rock clad adventures.

3rd Rock 



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