A cure for smelly feet!

A cure for smelly feet!

Boot Bananas

This must be one of the biggest problems for climbers! It’s not finger strength or pump or even fitting into a tiny pair of shoes… it’s all about taking those shoes off and hoping the smell doesn’t offend too many people.

My shoes have been known to vacate a boulder room, clear a crag and empty a centre. I have tried many things and nothing has yet worked. I am sick of people saying things like:  ‘Damn! Sam is that your shoes?’ or telling me in the nicest way possible ‘Your van smells a bit funny!?!’

So, I have finally reached breaking point and decided to have a go with Boot Bananas. How good can they be?

Well, they are something different! I never thought anything could suck up the smell of my awful feet but these have. They are made up of a powerful mixture comprising of deodorising salts and minerals with no nasty chemicals. At first, they can be little too perfumey for my liking but to be honest, I had definitely gotten used to the smell of sweaty feet. After some time, the perfume becomes milder and ends up being a rather pleasant smell. They don’t just hide the smell from my shoes with a lavender, lemon, patchouli and tea-tree aroma but they also soak up the sweat. This means when you next go to wear your shoes, you’re not slipping your foot in to an already soggy slipper.

Another great thing about these bananas is that they were created by a homegrown climbing couple from Bournemouth. Alex was sick of smelling climbing instructor Phil’s feet; so set herself the mammoth challenge of eradicating the odour. Through the past couple of years, they have made thousands of these odour eating bananas and the company has come strength to strength.

I can definitely say I recommend these bad boys (and my girlfriend does too). I can’t believe how well they work and just how good my feet smell. This is just more proof that us climbers are a damn clever bunch (of bananas)!

For more on Boot Bananas check out their website, Facebook and Twitter.

Photos from Bootbananas.com, Springs.it and Pintrest as I just can’t take mine out of my shoes!


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