Rab Kinder Smock Review

Rab Kinder Smock Review

Rab Kinder Smock Review


When I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing the re-born Rab Kinder Smock, I was more than keen! Rab have been making quality clothing for nearly 40 years and all of my climbing buddies swear by their down jackets.

The jacket got dropped off in its medium sized postage bag and as I excitedly unpacked it, the air got to the down and it all of a sudden trebled in size. The Kinder Smock is filled with 270g of Duck Down complete with Nikwax’s Hydrophobic treatment meaning that if gets wet it will absorb less, dry faster and retain loft. Upon its arrival, I enlisted Emmie’s help as the photographer. The weather was wet, but not raining, fresh but not cold; we went for a short walk around the corner but by the time we got there, I was roasting! I started to think, “Maybe I don’t need a down this thick? How am I going to review this if I can’t keep it on for a short walk in September?”.

The next time I took it out, I was climbing down at Battleship, Portland. The sun was out and there was a slight breeze at the top of crag but nothing too much. Again, I decided to take it down (excuse the pun) to get a few more photos but thought I wouldn’t really need its extreme warmth. I was wrong! The wind was whipping through the crag and the Kinder Smock soon showed why it is superior. That’s when I realised this down is perfect for those winter cragging days. My home crag is often windy and cold rather than wet, so my need for the jacket is real. Ideally, this jacket is for those climbing single pitch routes or bouldering. It will keep you toasty in between climbs but it’s not something you’re likely to tackle those winter projects in.

Rab have kept the original design, timeless style that suits both the crag and the pub. Equipped with a fleece lined kangaroo pocket, adjustable cuffs and a drawstring hem, you are sure to be protected from any unwanted drafts and those hands will be sure to stay warm between climbs. The pull-over style is made easy by a long zip on the side as well as a front zip complete with chin guard. The only fault I can find is its lack of a hood. However, this is hardly a fault as it’ just not the design of the jacket. I can see now why all my climbing buddies wear Rab. Overall, a brilliant down that I am sure will get lots of use!

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  1. Ed says:

    Great review and damn that last photo. 10/10

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