Fernweh x After The Send

Fernweh x After The Send

Fernweh x After The Send

We at After the Send are proud to announce that we are teaming up full time with one of our favourite climbing brands, Fernweh. After three years as a Friend of the Send, our little team is joining forces with the awesome Scottish maker/designer to become some of their first ‘sponsored climbers’. Both After the Send and Fernweh came into existence around the same time. We quickly found each other and have been great friends ever since.

However, towards the end of last year, the AtS crew had to whip out the Kleenex (other tissues are available) and dry our eyes as the climbing world received some terrible news… We were devastated to discover that our oldest and best Friend of the Send decided to put down the sewing machine for a while and go on a hiatus “indefinitely”.

After a little over three years of supplying the coolest climbers worldwide with the best hats, bags, chalk bags and other climbing accessories money can buy, Laura, head honcho of Fernweh decided she needed some time out.

I am absolutely devastated but after three crazy years this amazing, whirlwind journey is coming to a pause for now. Fernweh started as a tiny flicker of a dream so it’s heartbreaking making this decision to call time on it for now,” said Laura back in October 2017.

So imagine our joy when, slowly, Fernweh’s phoenix began rising from the ashes.

We at After the Send are not alone in our boundless appreciation of this little Scottish brand’s amazing products and the climbing community’s support didn’t fall on deaf ears. Through Instagram, in a New Year’s message, Laura said: “The support for my wee business was just overwhelming and I honestly can’t thank everyone enough to all who supported me through this rocky chapter.


Smooth seas make for poor sailors & I’m sure riding out these rough waves has made me stronger and more determined in the long run!”

Her hats have kept our heads warm across continents and seasons and chalk bags have kept our hands dry from sunny Spain to nippy North Wales and, obviously, they’ve made us look great while doing it.

We promise there are loads more to come from Fernweh this year, including new materials, reworking and improving some classic designs and, hopefully, the return of the carabiner mugs – but we’ll leave the rest of the announcements to Laura!

On top of this, we look forward to bringing you loads of collaborative content over the coming years.

We’re so glad to have Fernweh back and, as long as we’ve got a Fernweh hat to keep us warm, we’ll keep going further and staying curious…

and of course, spreading the word about the great gear from Fernweh.

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