Artemis Hangboard review

Artemis Hangboard review

Artemis Lightweight Hangboard


Approaching the crag in Margalef.

Back in August fellow Dorset climber Daniel Ward was kind enough to send me (Hannah Whaley) one of his new warmup hangboards to give it a test run. Dan crafts hardwood hangboards and wooden holds for climbers, home climbing walls and even supplies to local climbing centres.

The hangboard, made from beechwood, is super lightweight making it an ideal board for the travelling climber; it is easy to hang at the gym, at the crag or at home with 25mm, 20mm and 15mm slots for finger training. It is possible to flip the board while it is hanging in order to switch the depth of the pocket, offering multiple options for a finger warm up.

In August I was predominantly training indoors whilst I finished my studies and used the board at home inbetween sessions; I didn’t have anywhere to hang the board (student houses!) but with a resistance band under my foot and around the board I was able to pull on it in a standing or seated position. I then took it to my home crag in Dorset of Portland to help warm up before a day of sport climbing and since October the board has been travelling with me on my extended climbing trip through Spain.

It is easy to store in the van and adds little weight to a climbing bag on the crag approach; when I had colder climbing conditions in Catalonia the board came in handy for making sure my fingers were warm and ready for projects – ideal for avoiding dreaded tendon injuries! I would highly recommend the board to any climber looking for a travel-friendly and versatile piece of equipment and at £35 (+pp) the purchase of this unique handmade board can benefit a small, local business at a reasonable price.

This is a guest post by Hannah Whaley

Rest day conditioning!


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