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Artemis Hangboard review

Artemis Lightweight Hangboard   Back in August fellow Dorset climber Daniel Ward was kind enough to send me (Hannah Whaley) one of his new warmup hangboards to give it a test run. Dan crafts hardwood hangboards and wooden holds for climbers, home climbing walls and even supplies to local climbing centres. The hangboard, made from…
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HarroWall review

HarroWall review   HarroWall has been all over social media since it opened in February; since we had a weekend in London, we decided to see what all the hype is about. On the tube to Harrow-on-the-Hill tube station we did a little research and found that it is the largest bouldering centre in the…
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Tenaya Oasi Review

Tenaya Oasi Review Tenaya are brand that we have trusted our feet in for a long time. Between the After the Send crew we have had the RA, Masai, Mundaka, Iati, and Tarifas. With many of us trying at least one of each type. The Oasi are not the newest pair from the Spanish brand…
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Christmas gifts for climbers.

Climbing gifts for Christmas Speaking as a climber, there is very little I want for Christmas. Everything I need, I get. Everything I want is very specific and usually expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate gifts! But when the ‘Big name Outdoor store’ sells your family member an ice screw and you are a…
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Bea’s and Oriol’s cosy caravan (Tarragona)

Bea’s and Oriol’s cosy caravan (Tarragona) Normally, our climbing trips take place in areas we can easily drive to in our trusty van, Rocher.  This means accommodation is sorted! For our most recent trip to Spain, we decided to fly (£20 return flights!). Spain is full of refuges, hostels and campsites but we decided to…
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Rab Kinder Smock Review

Rab Kinder Smock Review   When I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing the re-born Rab Kinder Smock, I was more than keen! Rab have been making quality clothing for nearly 40 years and all of my climbing buddies swear by their down jackets. The jacket got dropped off in its medium…
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Tenaya Mundaka review

Tenaya Mundaka review. I’m always keen to see what new offerings Tenaya bring out – and as they make big in-roads into the UK climbing shoe market I wasn’t disappointed with their latest aggressive offering – the Mundaka. We at After The Send has keenly followed the Tenaya story since our beginnings. Many of us…
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Berdorf Fontainebleau has been a common hang out for the whole of the After The Send team for years now. We have learnt so many different things from that forest- technique, surviving in cars and vans but for me I have learnt that I just love sandstone! It is such an incredible rock to climb;…
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Constant Climbing

As you know, we like our independent climbing brands and through Friends of the Send we like to share them with you. So we would like to introduce: Constant Climbing.

Looking for a new rope?

Bluewater Lightning Pro: Looking for a new rope? Well, I recently got my hands on a Bluewater Lightning Pro from Holdbreaker. The rope is a 9.7mm double-dry (meaning that it is protected from water and dirt).