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Berdorf Fontainebleau has been a common hang out for the whole of the After The Send team for years now. We have learnt so many different things from that forest- technique, surviving in cars and vans but for me I have learnt that I just love sandstone! It is such an incredible rock to climb;…
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Fancy a trip to the Gower?

Recently, we have started climbing quite a lot with a local climber, Chris Weedon. He has been climbing for best part of 17 years and is still psyched! He convinced Pymn, Tom and me to head to South Wales, the Gower,  for a quick weekend away and some seriously steep sport. It was an awesome…
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When in Benidorm…climb!?!

In true After the Send style, we got to the airport with five minutes to check in. In this short space of time, Pymn went and bought some drinks at the most expensive bar in the world (yes, the airport bar), Tom waited with the bags and I went to get my Euros. We had…
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Ohh Fontainebleau!

Each year it gets harder and harder to leave Font!!!! Fontainebleau is an accidental annual trip for the ATS crew. It started 3 years ago when Pymn, Taz and I were invited by Seb to join him and a few mates out there for a long weekend. It was a wild weekend of cheap energy…
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Winter is coming…

Winter is pretty much here and ready to destroy our dreams of climbing after work… but wait, what’s this magical candle you strap to your head!? Yes, it is time to get your head torch out!

Climbers first.

So we haven’t posted much recently mainly because we have been out climbing as much as possible. With the long nights we don’t get in till past 10 and if we have head torches in our bags later. I have been mainly climbing on Portland working my way through the Top 50’s with Emmie. Some…
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‘Superfly Guy’ What a project!!!

A ‘project’ is a climb that you haven’t yet competed clean yet.  Completing a climb clean means no falls and make it all the way to the top like there is no rope on you.  There are tons of climbs I haven’t done clean and I don’t care about that but completing a ‘project’ is…
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The Cuttings Diary: Part 2

As people were away in Dartmoor – I couldn’t make it unfortunately – I found a spare couple of hours to head to the Cuttings’ south section for a quick boulder.

The Cuttings Diary: Part 1

I have always wanted to climb more at The Cuttings Boulderfield, Portland. I live on the island but have always climbed either at Neddyfields – a small bouldering crag where all the climbs are like cruxes of sport climbs – or the many sport routes around the island. Any time we ventured down to the…
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To the Peak District and (we’ll be) back again

Five hours is a long old drive. Thankfully Sam drives a mobile hotel (his Peugeot 306 estate) so it was mainly a long drive for him, a long sit for me. But fear not, my behind and I persevered for the stunning landscapes, gorgeous gritstone and the Bakewell puddings – we were off to the…
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Late to the Square and Compass

So we are pretty blessed to live in Dorset and even better on Portland. Portland is an island connected to the mainland by a causeway, surrounded by cliffs with over 1500 sport routes and endless bouldering. However, we still find the need to drive an hour east to Swanage where there is lots of trad climbing…
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Cheddar defrosted

So we return… The last trip to Cheddar Gorge was between Christmas and New Year, it was a tad cold and I’m not going to lie it was hard work.