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Costa Blanca Rope Swing

While on my recent trip around Spain I heard about a 50 meter rope swing in Costa Blanca, it had to be done. Check out the write up from Costa Blanca here. Plus the video here.

After The Send: Spanish Road Trip (part 6)

Part 6 is based on the time I spent in Costa Blanca. Check out the write up here. Special thanks to 3RD ROCK and FrictionLabs

When in Benidorm…climb!?!

In true After the Send style, we got to the airport with five minutes to check in. In this short space of time, Pymn went and bought some drinks at the most expensive bar in the world (yes, the airport bar), Tom waited with the bags and I went to get my Euros. We had…
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Costa Blanca Photo Gallery.

Check out When in Benidorm…climb!?! for the full write up. Contact [email protected] for use of pictures. If you like these shots make sure you check out our Instagram Sam