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Back on the ‘Moor

Back on the ‘Moor Sam had come back from his time on the road in Spain with a fresh desire to go out and place his own gear. And, following an accidental hiatus from climbing, I was itching to get back out too – my trad rack has been screaming at me from bags on…
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A lonely, Windy Day At Easdon Rocks

Dartmoor unfortunately doesnt have a good bouldering guide, so the way we find our way around is by using a website called Javu and videos. Javu has a very simply but sometimes hard to use guide, we mix it with videos to try and work out what climb is what. This is video is by…
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Luck on the moor – Dartmoor February ’15

  Late one cold Friday in February while the gritters are out de-icing the roads, Sam and Tom decide to head – totally clueless – to Dartmoor. As we pull up in the car park shortly after midnight, the fatigue of a week’s work and stress of finding the place using only the basic instructions…
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Dartmoor snaps.

For more information of the locations check out the trip write up in Trips.