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Reminiscing about Fontainebleau

Fontainebleau: When can I go back? The snow of March mixed with a bad case of the man flu has had me reminiscing about our trip to Fontainebleau last year. Scrolling through pictures, I found a load of clips I never┬ámade into anything so I thought ‘Damn! I got nothin’ better to do!’. I hope…
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Battle Oats

Battle Oats For my recent trip to Fontainebleau I was given some Battle Oats bars to review. Towards the end of the trip, I looked at Emmie while she was sat eating one of the White Chocolate Coconut bars (her favourite) and said, ‘s**t, I have to review those Battle Oats! What should I write?’.…
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60 Hours in Fontainebleau

I am guessing you guys know how much we love Fontainebleau? A lot! Over the May bank holiday Emmie and I headed out there for 60 hours in the forest, unfortunately it rained for the first day but the second and third it was glorious. Do you recognise any of the problems? For more videos,…
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Ohh Fontainebleau!

Each year it gets harder and harder to leave Font!!!! Fontainebleau is an accidental annual trip for the ATS crew. It started 3 years ago when Pymn, Taz and I were invited by Seb to join him and a few mates out there for a long weekend. It was a wild weekend of cheap energy…
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So we are all pretty excited about a trip to Font over the May bank holiday, its going to be ace! If you haven’t been, go! And if you have been this video may just remind you how go it is! Oh yer happy Wednesday people nearly the weekend! Sam