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The Cuttings Diary: Part 3

The Cuttings Diary: Part 3 Three years ago, I wrote a post about The Cuttings Boulderfield and how although I had lived minutes away, I had never really given it much time. From that came ‘The Cuttings Diary: Part 1 and Part 2’ so why not part 3!? This day at The Cuttings started as…
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A few from The Cuttings Boulderfield

The Cuttings Boulderfield This place can be a maze! When we first started After The Send, I spent a couple of weeks finding my way around The Cuttings and wrote a little diary about it. Part 1 and Part 2.  Now I know where all the main boulders are I can relax and enjoy the problems.…
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Portland Heights Boulders

Portland Heights Boulders Here at After The Send we are all about climbing whether it’s trying to smash out a new grade, climbing a classic or just trying something new. We had heard these boulders a little while back and with a spare afternoon in hand, we decided to go and have a look. We weren’t the first…
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Is it worth the drive?

Is it worth the drive? 2 hours North West of where we live in Dorset you enter the wonderful world of Wales. We spent a night and a day sport climbing in a sandstone quarry in South Wales and then hopped back in the car to drive for another 5 and a half hours north,…
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One from Albarracin!

One from Albarracin! This is just a short video of Trystan Lowe on an incredible f7b in Albarracin, Spain called ‘Saltimbanqui’. For whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to have some old school music and with that, it only felt right to make it back and white. Let me know what…
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A long weekend or a short holiday?

A long weekend or a short holiday? Sam and I were definitely feeling the Fontaineblues after spending nearly 2 weeks in the magical forest. Returning home to early mornings, long commutes and living an hour away from any climbable rock was less than appealing. Luckily, there’s a bank holiday at the end of May that…
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Battle Oats

Battle Oats For my recent trip to Fontainebleau I was given some Battle Oats bars to review. Towards the end of the trip, I looked at Emmie while she was sat eating one of the White Chocolate Coconut bars (her favourite) and said, ‘s**t, I have to review those Battle Oats! What should I write?’.…
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After The Send: Spanish Road Trip (part 8)

Part 8 is all about the incredible Albarracin! Keep an eye on the website for the full write up. Special thanks to 3RD ROCK and FrictionLabs  

Young’s Adventure Solutions

  Young’s Adventure Solutions ‘Young’s Adventure Solutions specialise in training for individuals and groups in Climbing and Coasteering, on the Isle of Portland and in Swanage.’ Eddy Young invited me along to take some new photos for his website and social media. Although the day was pretty cold and grey at times, the training was fun…
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I’m Sam, here at After the Send, I have been the team photographer for 3 years. I have experience taking photos in many different areas. I began taking photos originally at music festivals and gigs; later gaining experience at weddings and my favourite, outdoor and adventure sports. I am now available for freelance photography as…
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The extended family.

Throughout the years of climbing we have meet some amazing people and great friends, some of which we climb with regularly and others maybe once a year.

Dartmoor snaps.

For more information of the locations check out the trip write up in Trips.