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Finale Ligure

 Finale Ligure While on my European road trip, I (Tom) was holed up in my van in the Italian Alps while torrential rain put an end to my hopes of climbing on the stunning Alpine granite and gneiss crags of the Aosta Valley. I needed to move on and in the midst of the cold…
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Is it worth the drive?

Is it worth the drive? 2 hours North West of where we live in Dorset you enter the wonderful world of Wales. We spent a night and a day sport climbing in a sandstone quarry in South Wales and then hopped back in the car to drive for another 5 and a half hours north,…
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3rd Rock

For a while now, we here at After the Send have been big fans of 3rd Rock clothing. We first discovered them a few years ago and our obsession has grown from there, infecting the rest of the After the Send crew. 3rd Rock website The 3rd Rock message is ‘our planet, our playground’; meaning…
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Dorset Bolt Fund

Dorset Bolt Fund Click this link to donate to the Dorset Bolt Fund. Portland’s climbing history started in 1967 when Reverend Bob Stepton recorded the first routes- loose trad lines. The first 20 years of Portland climbing history were recorded to be climbed on horrible, stainless steel pegs accompanied by massive run outs. It wasn’t…
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Pongoose Here at After The Send we love to highlight some of the best new climbing companies. That’s why we are so excited to add Pongoose to our Friends of the Send! We first heard of Pongoose last year when there were whispers in our climbing community about someone designing a new clipping device. The…
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A long weekend or a short holiday?

A long weekend or a short holiday? Sam and I were definitely feeling the Fontaineblues after spending nearly 2 weeks in the magical forest. Returning home to early mornings, long commutes and living an hour away from any climbable rock was less than appealing. Luckily, there’s a bank holiday at the end of May that…
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Young’s Adventure Solutions

  Young’s Adventure Solutions ‘Young’s Adventure Solutions specialise in training for individuals and groups in Climbing and Coasteering, on the Isle of Portland and in Swanage.’ Eddy Young invited me along to take some new photos for his website and social media. Although the day was pretty cold and grey at times, the training was fun…
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After The Send: Spanish Road Trip (part 7)

Part 7 is all about the beautiful Chulilla Gorge! Keep an eye on the website for the full write up. Special thanks to 3RD ROCK and FrictionLabs

After The Send: Spanish Road Trip (part 6)

Part 6 is based on the time I spent in Costa Blanca. Check out the write up here. Special thanks to 3RD ROCK and FrictionLabs

After The Send: Spanish Road Trip (Costa Blanca)

After The Send: Spanish Road Trip (Costa Blanca) 1 week turned into 2 weeks and then to 3 weeks! The Orange House was our next base after El Chorro. Here we were joined by Emmie, Alex and Tom for a week. The Orange House is in the dead centre of the Costa Blanca and about…
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After The Send: Spanish Road Trip (part 4)

Part 4 explores Asturias a little more and takes us to El Chorro. Check out the writes for Asturias and El Chorro. Special thanks to 3RD ROCK and FrictionLabs  

After The Send: Spanish Road Trip (El Chorro)

‘9 and a half hours! Jeez, let’s find somewhere to eat and grab a beer.’ After we got a bite to eat, we went to the train station ‘bar’ (more like a cubical where they sell €1 cans) and before we could even order from the most hostile bar women in the world… ‘Hey, how’s…
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