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After The Send: Spanish Road Trip (part 2)

Made to the boat and we are off! Hope you enjoy! If you are in Spain in the next couple of months let us know, we would love to meet up! Or keep up to date with the trip by making sure to subscribe and LIKE. Special thanks to 3RD ROCK and FrictionLabs  

Spanish Road Trip (Part 1)

Here’s the first of the Spanish Road Trip video blogs. I’ve tried to make it a bit more entertaining than the usual video blog- adding lots of clips from our past climbing trips. Hope you enjoy! If you are in Spain in the next couple of months let us know, we would love to meet…
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Bulgaria should be on your list!

Most climbing trips start with seeing a picture or video of a crag, finding out who’s been there and asking them questions. That is usually followed up by buying a guidebook, booking flights and a last minute car hire. This trip was different… apart from the car hire.


Berdorf Fontainebleau has been a common hang out for the whole of the After The Send team for years now. We have learnt so many different things from that forest- technique, surviving in cars and vans but for me I have learnt that I just love sandstone! It is such an incredible rock to climb;…
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Fancy a trip to the Gower?

Recently, we have started climbing quite a lot with a local climber, Chris Weedon. He has been climbing for best part of 17 years and is still psyched! He convinced Pymn, Tom and me to head to South Wales, the Gower,  for a quick weekend away and some seriously steep sport. It was an awesome…
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When in Benidorm…climb!?!

In true After the Send style, we got to the airport with five minutes to check in. In this short space of time, Pymn went and bought some drinks at the most expensive bar in the world (yes, the airport bar), Tom waited with the bags and I went to get my Euros. We had…
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Costa Blanca Photo Gallery.

Check out When in Benidorm…climb!?! for the full write up. Contact [email protected] for use of pictures. If you like these shots make sure you check out our Instagram Sam

Well done to the brilliant brit!

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk has smashed an 8c which is the hardest grade climbed by an English women and to top that it was in this mighty fine country (Other countries are available). The 28 year old climbed the route ‘Bat Route‘ up in the Peak District, as it was only yesterday she sent it, this video…
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Dartmoor snaps.

For more information of the locations check out the trip write up in Trips.