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Tenaya Oasi Review

Tenaya Oasi Review Tenaya are brand that we have trusted our feet in for a long time. Between the After the Send crew we have had the RA, Masai, Mundaka, Iati, and Tarifas. With many of us trying at least one of each type. The Oasi are not the newest pair from the Spanish brand…
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A few from The Cuttings Boulderfield

The Cuttings Boulderfield This place can be a maze! When we first started After The Send, I spent a couple of weeks finding my way around The Cuttings and wrote a little diary about it. Part 1 and Part 2.  Now I know where all the main boulders are I can relax and enjoy the problems.…
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3 stars at Church Rock, Lulworth

3 star problems at Church Rock. The weather is terrible and the crags are wet. It’s time to take a look at some videos and work out the next crag for you! Church Rock is full of 3 star problems with beautiful backdrops, it’s well worth the visit! Music by The Blackbyrds Climbers Sam Parsons and Drew Mulcahy…
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Tenaya Mundaka review

Tenaya Mundaka review. I’m always keen to see what new offerings Tenaya bring out – and as they make big in-roads into the UK climbing shoe market I wasn’t disappointed with their latest aggressive offering – the Mundaka. We at After The Send has keenly followed the Tenaya story since our beginnings. Many of us…
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The Heat, Portland

Here is our latest video of a great problem in ‘The Green Hump’ area of West Weares. The problem is called ‘The Heat’ but unfortunately there was very little heat while climbing it in 5 degrees. Let us know what you think of our videos on: Facebook Instagram Twitter Sam