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A scary pitch

I stand, shaken, on a small ledge in a rarely climbed corner at the Ruckle. I try to grasp enough rope to tie a one-handed clove hitch to the small cam I’ve just nestled in the only truly solid looking crack available. My last pieces of protection are now ten metres away – two very…
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‘Adventure climbing in Guernsey’ as written for Condor Ferries.

Adventure climbing on Guernsey. Condor Ferries very kindly sent us on a trip to Guernsey back in October to see what the climbing was like. It was awesome. To enjoy the superb climbing on offer, we highly recommend hopping on the Condor. The staff are fantastic and the boat is fast. Check out their site…
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Is it worth the drive?

Is it worth the drive? 2 hours North West of where we live in Dorset you enter the wonderful world of Wales. We spent a night and a day sport climbing in a sandstone quarry in South Wales and then hopped back in the car to drive for another 5 and a half hours north,…
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Back on the ‘Moor

Back on the ‘Moor Sam had come back from his time on the road in Spain with a fresh desire to go out and place his own gear. And, following an accidental hiatus from climbing, I was itching to get back out too – my trad rack has been screaming at me from bags on…
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Young’s Adventure Solutions

  Young’s Adventure Solutions ‘Young’s Adventure Solutions specialise in training for individuals and groups in Climbing and Coasteering, on the Isle of Portland and in Swanage.’ Eddy Young invited me along to take some new photos for his website and social media. Although the day was pretty cold and grey at times, the training was fun…
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Fairy Cave Quarry

Here’s a short video from a trip to Fairy Cave Quarry, Somerset earlier this year. The video includes James Pymn and I climbing ‘Toblerone’ E1 5b and a handsfree ascent of ‘Grow your own weekend’ E2 5b by Pymn.

Trad climbing with James Pearson

It’s Wednesday again and this week why not learn how to rack up with James Pearson? James Pearson is one of England’s best and most famous climbers, known for his badass trad. He is now travelling around with Caroline Ciavaldini and exploring the world and every style of climb make sure to check out Once…
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Dartmoor snaps.

For more information of the locations check out the trip write up in Trips.