Our services range from keeping your climbing wall up to the BS EN 12572:2017 standards right the way through to climbing photography shoots and everything in between.


Fresh and challenging new routes to keep your cilents coming back!


Keeping your wall up to EN standards while preserving its quality.


Photos for socials, advertising or family, we have you covered.


Making sure you equipment is up to scratch and following the regulations.


Route setting is an important part of any climbing facility. Whether it is a school where children are getting their first experiences of climbing, or a dedicated centre where experienced climbers go to test themselves.


We are just as much at home setting at a dedicated bouldering centre as we are putting up routes for a school. This year alone we have set at Navy bases, RAF bases, schools and dedicated centres. 


Each of our setters have a RSA (Route Setters Association) level 2 or equivalent while also holding DBS Enhanced for school sites. Members of the team also have the BMC FUNdamentals Level 2, which help them in setting routes that will assist your students in reaching the standard needed for NICAS of NIBAS.


We have a team of route setters which have been setting interesting and challenging climbs with a combined experience of over 20 years. Our team brings theIr knowledge of outdoor walls, instructing and years of climbing to build routes which will keep your climbers busy.


If your holds are in need of a clean this is a service that can also be provided. We can also assist you in getting new holds to fit your clienteles needs.



Our climbing wall inspections secure you with a certificate that proves your wall lives up to European Standards EN 12572-1 and that it is safe to use.


Our climbing wall inspections secure you with a report that proves your wall stands up to European Standards EN 12572-1 and comprehensively outlines the condition of the wall and any repairs that may be required.


Our inspectors have over 20 years of experience testing all brands of walls including home builds. There is nothing which your wall has which we havent seen before. 
Our team is lead by an IRATA and RSA qualified inspector who also holds an enhanced DBS.


On the day of the inspection if minor repairs are needed and we have the parts with us we will do our best to get your wall up and running. Any major repairs we are happy to book in and return ASAP. 


For more information or finding out whether or not your wall needs an inspection feel free to email us.


Photography Portfolio 

In the past 5 years I have had the pleasure of working with new brands looking for more exposure right the way through to international magazines.


I have worked with growing brands such as Pongoose, Fernweh and Hold Breaker alongside well-known brands such as 3rd Rock and Rab to name a few.  


I have had images printed in Rock and Ice, Condor Ferries Onboard magazine, RockFax guidebooks, climbing walls and cafes as well as homes of private clients.  


I can cater to your needs whether you have a direct brief or just an idea. I can find the location, models and present you with a finished portfolio of customised images. 


I also work with clients who want images to share with their family and friends. I am proud to have images printed and hanging in lots of living rooms around Europe.  

Link to online portfolio


A PPE inspection can be as small as, a quick look over or a full itemisation of all your equipment. Whether its equipment which has been used for a few years or brand new gear ready for logging and an install inspection. Our PPE inspector has completed the 4 day Lyon PPE Competent Person Course. This give them the ability to inspect everything from carabiners, belay devices, helmets, ropes, slings, etc.  


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We chose Sam as the photographer for our business website photos because we’d seen his work on
his blog and social media and were very impressed by the quality of his climbing shots. Sam is very
professional, friendly, and approaches his work with a subtle sense of humour that makes working
with him an absolute joy. Sam is well prepared and focused when you hit the crag for a photo shot
and effortlessly sets up his rig on nearby routes to get the best angle of climbers or products. He
knows how to work the conditions, weather and where to achieve the best light. He edited the
images very quickly and everything was done in a very timely manner to meet our deadline. We
believe Sam’s photos have made our website and we use a lot of them for social media too. In short,
we love his work and creative-eye and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top quality
climbing photographer.

Katie Rendall

Pongoose Ltd


Since the start of 2015, After the Send has grown and developed in many different ways. When Sam and Tom first started the blog, it was simply a means to share their climbing adventures. However, it didn’t take long for ATS to pick up brand acknowledgement. Their stories, photographs and videos caught people’s attention for being interesting, factual and funny. ATS is now much more than just a blog- it is a hub of climbing information, stories and reviews. Along with its strong social media presence, spanning 5 outlets, it has also become a valuable member of the climbing community.

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Since the start of 2015, After the Send has grown and developed in many different ways. When Sam and Tom first started the blog, it was simply a means to[…]

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