Since I started rock climbing in 2011 guidebooks have been an integral part of my life. For every new crag I have visited I have brought the local guidebook. I then spend weeks before my visit flicking through, reading about the routes and most importantly taking in the pictures.

I feel very lucky to have added images to guidebooks near and far to inspire other climbers.



It’s always a pleasure having my images used in magazines. Some of these have been to accompany other writers and some have been to accompany my own articles.


Full page spread alongside Steve McClures ‘Bulgarian Gold’ piece


Frontpage and multiple photographs alongside Jules McKim Portland article 


Multiple images accompanying an article about climbing on Guensery written by me. 


I have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic brands over the years and hope to work with many more. Get in contact if you are looking for some new creative images in real environments.

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Just some of the brands and companies we have worked with.


Whether you are an outdoor instructor needing images for a website or a person looking to capture a day or route at the crag. I have caught those moments for people to hang in their living rooms and images to promote their business. Get in contact for more information.

Sam Cox on 'Children of Poseiden' Youngs Adventure Solutions

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We chose Sam as the photographer for our business website photos because we’d seen his work on
his blog and social media and were very impressed by the quality of his climbing shots. Sam is very
professional, friendly, and approaches his work with a subtle sense of humour that makes working
with him an absolute joy. Sam is well prepared and focused when you hit the crag for a photo shot
and effortlessly sets up his rig on nearby routes to get the best angle of climbers or products. He
knows how to work the conditions, weather and where to achieve the best light. He edited the
images very quickly and everything was done in a very timely manner to meet our deadline. We
believe Sam’s photos have made our website and we use a lot of them for social media too. In short,
we love his work and creative-eye and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top quality
climbing photographer.

Katie Rendall

Pongoose Ltd

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For more information on any of our services please email:
[email protected]

Or join us on social media.

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Since the start of 2015, After the Send has grown and developed in many different ways. When Sam and Tom first started the blog, it was simply a means to share their climbing adventures. However, it didn’t take long for ATS to pick up brand acknowledgement. Their stories, photographs and videos caught people’s attention for being interesting, factual and funny. ATS is now much more than just a blog- it is a hub of climbing information, stories and reviews. Along with its strong social media presence, spanning 5 outlets, it has also become a valuable member of the climbing community.

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Since the start of 2015, After the Send has grown and developed in many different ways. When Sam and Tom first started the blog, it was simply a means to[…]

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